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"Custom Service, No Commitment"

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A Little About Us

Peak Pest Control is an extermination company based in Englewood, Colorado. We offer our high quality, affordable pest control service to the entire Denver metro area, including the foothills. We are insured, and licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All of our treatments are safe for people and their pets, so you never have to leave your home. One thing that sets us apart from most pest control companies is we do not require customers to sign contracts or agree to any kind of service plans. All of our work is guaranteed. We rely on our excellent customer service and integrity for repeat business. Frequency of service depends on many factors and, of course, the type of pest we are dealing with. Our most common treatment request is for our General Pest Treatment which eliminates the insects and spiders in your home. Most people will find one to three treatments per year sufficient. Whatever pest control services you need, we can tailor a solution for you and you are never committed. We look forward to getting to know you. Contact us anytime to chat!

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